According to Green Destinations standards, Slovenia is the first comprehensively assessed country. The tourist destination Slovenj Gradec is also a recipient of the SLOVENIA GREEN label. We have prepared a couple of instructions how you can help preserve our environment when you visit our destination.



Visit our destination by bus. If you are traveling by car, walk or use a bicycle (your own or borrowed) to explore the destination and help reduce pollution.

There are many hiking and biking trails in destination. Stick to the marked footpaths, which always lead to the best green destination.

Spend the night in accommodations that strive for sustainable development with responsible handling of wastewater, waste, drinking water and energy. Check which providers meet the standards of sustainable environmental labels.

Dispose waste correctly in the designated bins. When visiting hiking or cycling trails, take your trash with you into the valley.


Our water is clean and drinkable, so there is no need for bottled water. It is better to have reusable bottles with you, which you can fill with water from the tap. There are also many drinking fountains along the Štrekna bike path.

Help us preserve the wealth of water sources, so choose a shower instead of a bath and turn off the water while brushing your teeth. In accommodation, use towels and bed linen several times by refusing daily cleaning.

Contribute to saving energy by turning off the lights, unplugging electronic devices from the sockets. Limit the use of air conditioning during summer days and reduce the heating during winter days.

Be kind to yourself and nature and choose soaps and cosmetic products that do not harm the environment.


Locally produced products. At the destination, visit the city market and support local farmers and artists by buying their products.

Taste typical local dishes, e.g. mežerli, kločevi nudli ... Visit tourist farms, where they will serve you home-grown products.

Visit the cultural institutions The Carinthian Regional Museum, The birthouse of Hugo Wolf, The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art ...

Experience activities that have a sustainable green note. Honey Paradise Perger works sustainably in many areas of production by using local and organic raw materials, sustainable packaging, avoiding artificial dyes ... Through their work, they cultivate or preserve important traditional crafts and values.

Take part in traditional events, such as Summer festival, Summer in the city of Slovenj Gradec, SHOTS film festival, Peace Festival and Festival of diversity, Slovenjgraška inn and many others.

Discover hidden corners and enjoy authentic experiences!

By following these instructions, you will help preserve our landscape for future generations. Let's keep the destination (landscape) green together!